Product Review: Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Kit


I recently got a chance to play around the the brand new Double Side Adhesive Kit from Silhouette. This neat kit allows you to die cut shapes and apply glitter or flocking to add some fun sparkle or fluff to any paper crafting project. The kit comes with six 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of double sided adhesive paper, a paint brush, a spatula , 3 jars of glitter and 3 jars of flocking powder, a download card with 10 exclusive shapes and an idea booklet.

The steps are really easy, you put the adhesive sheet white side up (yellow side down) on the mat and die cut with the Silhouette. Use the media setting “double sided adhesive” and a blade setting of 6. Once your shape is cut you can use the spatula to remove your shape from the mat. Peel off the yellow backing and apply the shape to your project (the adhesive is very strong so only use it on permanent projects) then peel off the top white sheet and your left with a die cut sticky shape. Now liberally pour glitter or flocking over the top,  and use the brush to brush away any excess. I also found using a glitter tray helped to contain any mess and makes it easier to put the left overs back in the jar.  There is no drying time and no need to heat And now voila’, you’ve got a cool fuzzy or glittery shaped die cut.


For my first project I used one of the exclusive shapes, a cute pair of glasses and used the pink flocking that comes in the kti (I wish you could feel how fuzzy it is).

My other project used the white glitter and a cool rib cage and heart die cut from Silhouette.


Hope you enjoyed learning about the new Double Sided Adhesive Kit from Silhouette and want to give it a try for yourself. You can find the kits here on their website.





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