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Craft Stamper magazine is celebrating ten inspirational years of stamping fun with its June issue! While other craft magazines have come and gone, Craft Stamper has not only survived but has gone from strength to strength, as its creative team of designers continue to focus on, and respond to, the needs of stamping enthusiasts.
The magazine had a makeover in August 2008, and expanded its pool of designers and range of styles, bringing the magazine firmly up-to-date with the latest trends in crafting.

To celebrate ten years, the June 2010 issue will be bumper-packed with an extra eight pages of projects and articles to inspire stamping enthusiasts. There will also be a special birthday competition with a range of prizes to be won.
The website to support the magazine is being given a new look, with new ideas and projects for readers to enjoy.

Click here for their website and pick up this special issue on May 7th .



  1. lorraine hill says

    very dissappointed in the free stamps on the magazine….at least 2 out of three are useless.. I anxiously wait for the mag to come out only to find the stamps do not stamp properly.. parts of the stamps are blank…. I am seriously considering giving up purchasing this magazine….pity

  2. Nancy S says

    Craft Stamper is my favorite stamping magazine, ever since Rubber Stamper stopped publishing. I’m sorry to hear that you have had problems with the free stamps; I’ve not had any problems with them. I suggest you contact the US office at They have been very helpful to me in the past when i had questions or problems.

    Too bad the magazine is so hard to find in the US. Borders used to carry it, but now that they have closed most of their stores, I don’t know where else to go for single issues. I subscribe so that I don’t miss any issues.

  3. lorraine hill says

    thanks nancy for the reply to my little whinge..I live in Australia and do not have a problem getting the mag and my news agent even took a stamp off another mag but it wasn’t any good either.I am still buying the mag because I really do like it.Happy Stamping

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