Tutorial: Quilling

Quilling is a form of paper art that’s been around for a long time and has recently begun to make a come back. It’s taking tiny strips of paper and curling them to make pretty shapes and swirls. They make great embellishments to accent your stamped cards! I Made It So has a great 3 part series to show you how to get started quilling.



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    I also love quilling too much!!!! You can do so amazing projects using this technique!!!!
    Keep quilling!!:)))
    Have a marvellous week!

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    Did not realize this had a name for the art. I am guessing you use regular glue on the paper to hold it there. Very interesting and intricate cutting is what I would think plus some tools of curling to get the desired affect. This is an area of creativity I had not realized was possible. Thanks for posting!

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