Review: Pentel Art Supplies

I recently got the chance to try out some wonderful art supplies from  Pentel of America. I tried a variety of items from gel rollers, watercolor paints, pens and markers. I wanted to see how they worked with stamping and in a more “traditional” artsy way.

For my first project I made a collage, I’m getting in a Halloween mood so I thought I’d make a cute witch. I’m not the best at drawing and painting free hand so forgive my primitive style. For my witch I traced her face and body on watercolor paper and painted her with the Pentel Water Colors using the Aquash water brush. I then erased my pencil lines and traced over the features and her dress embellishments with a 06 black Hybrid Technica pen. I colored her hair using the Pocket Brush Pen, then cut her out.  I then cut out her dress, hat and mask from pattern paper and vintage book pages and adhered everything to a canvas board which I painted and splattered with more of the Water Colors.

I really loved the feel of the Aquash water brush, the barrel is wide in the center which makes it easy to grip and the water control is easy. It comes in small, medium and large brush sizes, I tried the medium. The Water Color paints come in tubes with 24 colors and have beautiful creamy colors and they blended really nicely, there was no flesh color and I was able to easily mix my own. You can use them with very little water for a heavy coverage or thin them down for a thin wash of color. I also love that even once they dried on my palette I could just add water and still use them! The black Pocket Brush pen uses cartridges of permanent pigment ink and has a nice shaped and sized brush tip, I think it would be really great to do calligraphy with.  You can get thick or thin lines with it. The Hybrid Technica pens  are pigment ink and come in 4 different sizes, 03-06, so you can get a thicker or thinner line depending on the one you choose.

My next two projects are stamped cards. For the gnome card I colored everything using the Color Pen markers, they are water based,  have a nice firm bullet tip and the colors are really bold and saturated. I found I got the best results by coloring in one direction without much overlapping. The set contains 36 colors with many different shades of each color. I drew my faux stitching lines with one of the Hybrid Technica pens.

For the bug card I colored my stamped images using the Slicci Extra Fine Gel Rollers. The colors are really pretty and bright. These would be perfect for writing as well as coloring. I wish I had better hand writing :)

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the great art supplies that Pentel has to offer. They are perfect to add to your art supplies for collage, stamping, scrapbooking, kids crafts, calligraphy, sketching, writing, painting and more!

Be sure to visit the Pentel website, Facebook page  and blog for more info.


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