Product Review: Martha Stewart Scoring Board

(image by Heather Holbrook)

I recently got the chance to try out the Martha Stewart Scoring Board and it is quickly becoming one my favorite tools! What is a scoring board and why do I need one you might ask? Well, it’s a really handy tool for scoring paper, no more rulers and measuring, you simply lay your paper on the board, run the scoring tool down the groove and ta da your paper is perfectly scored for easy, neat folding. How great is that!?

I found this board really easy to use, it comes with basic measurements and instructions for making boxes, envelopes and scoring cards. I used the tool to make the projects shown above. With only two sheets of patterned paper and two sheets of cardstock (with scraps left over) I used the scoring board to make a pretty gift box with matching gate fold card and envelope, tied with some of Martha’s pretty ribbon of course. These projects were really quick and easy to make following the instructions that came with the board. I was also able to make them even more fancy by using decorative scissors on the edges for a pretty scalloped look. You could also try some of Martha’s great edge punches too.

Hear are some nice extras I noticed about Martha’s board, this one has groves every 1/8″ (some only have 1/4″) , this one comes with a very handy envelope maker (which is easily stored on the back of the board) and a nice drawer to store the scoring tool. The price point is really great too, it’s much less expensive than most other boards but the quality is top notch of course because it’s Martha!

And here’s a few tips when using the board: Go slowly when making a score so you don’t “jump the track”, if you are using a double sided paper place your paper face down and score on the back side, use a lighter pressure on thinner papers so you don’t pierce the paper.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and if you’d like one these cool tools for yourself they can be found on-line here at Martha or in stores like Michael’s.

(image by Martha Stewart)



  1. Vivi M says

    I recently bought my MS Scoreboard and I just felt in love with it, it is, for me too, one of my favorite tools. This score board just simplifies my life when I want to score cards like the gate fold. It is also great that they included a chart with the most common measures for cards and envelopes.

  2. says

    Thanks so much for reviewing this.

    I’ve been really tempted to buy one but was worried it wouldn’t compare well to the other scoring boards on the market.

    I’ll be going to Michaels tonight.

    Great review, you answered all my questions.

    Thanks again :-)

  3. says

    Love this product – makes paper projects really easy. There are many tutorials online how to create little boxes and you don’t really have to think much to score and fold pieces of paper when all the measurements are right on the side of the board.

  4. says

    Glad you all enjoyed the review!

    Chrissy- the box I made simply followed the instructions included with the board for a 4x4x2 box, it’s super simple!

  5. says

    Thank you for that short tutorial! I recently purchased one with a 50% off coupon and did not know what it was for! HA! It just looked so neat to me, little that I knew it was a match made in heaven!

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