New Release: LaBlanche Stamps

LaBlanche stamps are gorgeous from Germany and are high quality heat resistant silicone stamps on a 1/2 thick foam base. This makes for easy and detail stamping with little pressure required. They are now available in the states from Scrapbooking Warehouse, click here to see the collection. You can also visit their German website where most of their video tutorials are in English and German, they share several cool techniques with their unique stamps. Click here for their videos.



  1. Christina says

    I wonder if Stazon ink can be used with LaBlanche Stamps. I would like to stamp 4X4 tiles intended to be used as coasters. I love archival ink and will try it and then heat set in an oven. I wonder what you think or if anyone has tried Stazon. How does one “clean” LaBlanche stamps? With water? These are truly lovely stamps! Thank you!

  2. says

    Christina- Staz on can be used on any stamps, it might stain them but it won’t effect the stamping. You can use Staz-On cleaner and it will remove most of the staining. It should be safe to use on these stamps but if you’re worried you could always contact them directly and ask what they recommend.


  3. rose says

    hello! i’m writing you from the philippines. would you know if lablanche is an angel company? are there limitations as to how many cards we can make to resell? thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Heather Holbrook says

    You’d need to contact the company directly for those answers, click on the link above to find their website.


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