Freebie: Paper Art Dolls

When I was little I loved paper dolls and as an adult I still enjoy making my own. The Enchanted Gallery has several different paper art doll downloads from a basic doll, a goddess doll and extras like tails to make mermaids. Along with the free downloads there is loads of information, directions and inspirations for adding stamping to your dolls. The possibilities of these are endless.



  1. lori ann says

    OH DEAR LORD. I just went to her website…and shop…for TWO HOURS! Her unique stamps are amazing…the mermaid collection alone made me salivate…I wound up buying 2 things immediately and have plans for more when I’m less broke. :) She has a beautiful examples to look at, lots of stuff for sale that I haven’t seen other places, and I think her prices are very good, even her shipping! Well worth the time spent on her site. :) Thanks for the link!! (again, it’s 4 a.m. and I’m never sleeping. Look what you do to me!)

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