Book Review: Printmaking + Mixed Media

image by Interweave

 I recently got a cool book called “Printmaking + mixed media” (thanks Linda! :)) and am really enjoying looking at all the cool techniques for printmaking, which is something I’ve always wanted to try but never have. There are tutorials for screen printing, printing with a thermal imaging printer, photo emulsion (this one really interests me), sun printing, gelatin printing and lots more. It’s got some amazing samples and wonderful clear instructions for lots of different techniques and projects. But the section I enjoyed the most was on relief printing by carving your stamps from linoleum blocks and erasers. All the years I’ve been stamping and I’ve never actually made my own stamps (unless you count potato stamps as a kid) but this small section of the book made it look easy with  step by step instructions and lots of cool projects to inspire. This book is published by Interweave and can be found on their website or Amazon.



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    I have this book and LOVE it. Only frustration is I got while on holiday this summer and couldn’t start experimenting IMMEDIATELY!!! I highly recommend it, made me think about my work in a new way.

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    This book sounds fabulous!
    I would love to learn some new papercrafting techniques.
    I have carved a few stamps, but I definitely need to work on my detail carving skills.

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