Tips: Quilling for Beginners

Tips: Quilling for Beginners

Paper Quilling seems to be making a big come back. I remember my mom doing it way back in the 70’s and I’m seeing it again popping up on lots of cards. If you’re not familiar with paper quilling and want to give it a try jump over to the Craftsy blog and find a great article by talented Jin Yong of Under a Cherry Tree, perfect for beginners.



  1. Brinda says

    I have been quilling for a few years now. My youngest sister Jennifer and her daughter Hannah came for a visit and I took them to a local craft store that was having a week long of show people how to do different things. The we went they were doing a “Thank You” card with a quilled blue bird. Hannah was was in love with quilling for that blue bird that 1/4in. She went to create an six in egg that she got grandchampion on. thru her 4H. this look har but with a little time you will be in love too. Paper Wishes & Crafty Dreams to all. :)

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