Review: White Gel Pens

As stampers I’m sure we’ve all tried a brand or two of gel pens, right? One of the most popular colors is simple white but if you’ve tried gel pens before you know white isn’t always so simple. Some white gel pens can be milky or they fade into the paper not giving you that bright white pop that you want. 

Jet Pens carries lots of great pens for artists and crafts people and I recently got the chance to try several of the different brands of white gel pens they carry to put them through the test.


White accents are always perfect for holiday, winter and Christmas cards so I chose that theme for my sample cards.


The first pen I tried was one I was already familiar with and have used for years and that’s the Sakura Gelly Roll white. It’s a nice pen, it gets the job done on most cardstocks but sometimes it can be a little milky, especially when writing with it.  But for small accent and dots like on the background of elf card I made it’s fine.









Next I played with the Pentel Hybrid Grip DX Gel pen adding faux stitching dashes and dots around the edge of my card and also wrote out the word “Joy”. Again, I found the small accents worked well but when writing I didn’t get a very bright look. I did really liked the feel of this pen, it’s thicker than most gel pens and more comfortable to hold and control.









Lastly I tried the pen I’d been dying to use, the Uni-ball Signo Gel pen. I’ve read about this pen on various stampers blogs, talking about how wonderful it was and how much better it was than any other white gel pen they’d used. I thought “How much better can it really be?” well let me tell you it really truly is better! I honestly was amazed at how bright white it is, no fading, no milkiness (is that a word?:)) On different types of paper and different darknesses I got a nice bright white line every time! I tried both the Angelic pen and the larger Broad pen, both seemed to have the same thickness in the lines they drew but the Broad has a slightly wider barrel that I found really comfortable to grip. I used this pen on my last card for the dot accents and the hand drawn snowflakes around the bunny. I’m in LOVE with this pen!

Be sure to check out all the white gel pens and well as the other pens that Jet Pens carries here at their website.



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