Review: Silhouette Heat Transfer Starter Kit

Reveiw: Silhouette Heat Transfer Starter Kit

I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, I really love my Silhouette Portrait die cutting machine! There are just so many different things you can cut with it. Lately I’ve cut not only paper but chipboard, fabric and now heat transfer material. This fun material comes in smooth and flocked (it’s fuzzy! :)) and can be ironed on to fabrics. It’s perfect for adding designs to shirts, tote bags, hats, wall décor and much more!

It’s really simple to use and the Silhouette cuts it easily and cleanly. You feed the material into the machine without a mat, glossy side down, pick the correct setting on the machine and cut. Be sure to flip any images or text so they are facing the correct way (this was very important to remember for my project since I used text). Next peel away the negative/unneeded material away from the design, using the hook toll is really helpful with this part, and it will be left on the glossy side. Place image face down on the fabric, place a cloth on top and then iron for about 60 seconds. Peel up a corner slowly to make sure it’s adhered down, if not iron for a few more seconds. Peel off the entire glossy sheet and ta-da, you’ve got a fun transferred image!

I recently saw a Harry Potter inspired t-shirt on-line that I loved and thought, “I bet I could make one like that”, so I did. Using the flocked white material and a wand image from Silhouette and a font I already had on my computer I made this cool Ollivander’s Wand Shop T-shirt. BTW I love being able to cut any font I own with my Silhouette, it makes it that much easier to personalize projects. And the pick tool really helped weed away all the small bits from each letter.


You can buy the transfer material on it’s own but I really recommend the Heat Transfer Starter Kit. It comes with the pick tool, an instructional DVD, a download card with 11 exclusive designs and 5 sheets of transfer material in different colors, in smooth and flocked. And right now Silhouette is offering a great special on the kits. Use promo code: GOSSIP here at Silhouette at check out for one of these great deals. Promo runs from 6/4/13- 6/15/13

Portrait/heat transfer starter kit $129.99 

CAMEO/ heat transfer starter kit $269.99 

All other heat transfer products are buy one get one free (the least expensive item is free)




  1. Sarah says

    Please next time can you say these promotions are for the US only? I went to the site, it asked for my country so I thought they shipped O/S, it let me sign up and only when I went to check out did it say they only ship to the US.

  2. says

    I’m sorry Sarah, I didn’t know the promo was for US only, you might want to contact Silhouette directly with any questions or concerns.

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