Product Review: SMASH from K and Company

The SMASH books and supplies from K and Company are right up my alley. They remind me  more of what I think of as “old school”/  traditional scrapbooks and are so much fun! A place for keepsakes like ticket stubs, pamphlets, small tokens, as well as photos of course and perfect for jotting down thoughts, notes and ideas. You could also use these for a dream journal, arts and crafts sketches, magazine clippings, really anything you can stick on a page. I think these would make a perfect gift for any teenager! (as well as adults).

It’s quick, easy and no stress! Just glue your items on the page, write down a few thoughts and go, no muss, no fuss. Each folio is spiral bound so you can smash in lots of items and it won’t get too bulky. Some folios have clear photo pages, lists to fill in, ideas to get you thinking and cute illustrations. Each one also comes with a two-in-one pen and glue stick that attaches on the side of the book. So take your book whenever and you’ve got everything you need to SMASH on the go. The line also has lots of great supplies like cute post it notes, journaling cards, stickers, prompts, tabs, washi tapes, paper clips, book marks and more. I really love the new Time Capsule box, it comes with pockets inside, clear plastic tubes for storing larger objects, stickers and more and will hold up to two folios. Plus it’s blank so you can decorate it to your heart’s content!

Here’s a few pages out of my new SMASH folio. My husband and I love going to visit zoos and aquariums and I always keep my ticket stubs, maps and souvenirs. These were just perfect to put in my book.

My next pages are about the music I love. My top 10 bands and my nerdy love of Weird Al Yankovic :)

Here’s a picture of my folio in the Time Capsule. The plastic tubes were great for pressed flowers and my hospital band from a recent surgery.

You can find all the SMASH products from K and Company here on their website.

And be sure to check back next week, we’ll be having an awesome SMASH giveaway!!




  1. Tina S. says

    I love my Smash books! They remind me of the old scrapbooks like my aunt used to keep back in the 30’s and 40’s. She would put everything in those books from cards to ticket stubs to wedding announcements to dance cards. The list could go on and on because she had everything in those books. I’ve started one Smash book with the idea of doing exactly what she did. It’s so much fun to open it to any page and see all the different memories on just one page. If you don’t have one, get one!

  2. Peggy M says

    <3 the Smash books and all the Smash accessories. Such a fun and easy way to keep memories.

  3. says

    As I am on vacation, I have my small smashbook with me to write my journal. It is so handy with the pen and the glue to take in my handbag and make notes on the way. After
    this I do need an other one, so please put my name in your hat!

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