Product Review: Ribbon Roll Control

I am guessing that just like me you’ve got lots and lots of rolls of ribbon? I’m also guessing that like me your ribbon is a total mess, am I right? Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. :) Well, I’m happy to share with you a wonderful new way to keep all those rolls in check, it’s called Ribbon Roll Control!

The Ribbon Roll Control is made of clear acrylic, there are no rods or dowels, it’s angled to hold your rolls in place so you don’t need to pull out a dowel to remove the roll you need. There are two sizes, the Original which holds up to a 5″ tall roll and the Petite which will hold up to a 3 1/2″ roll, so no matter what size roll you’ve got it will fit. The trays are even stackable (as long as the bottom tray is an Original) up to three trays high, so you can place it on your work table or there are holes in the back for hanging on the wall. Each tray has a ruler (isn’t that super handy?!) and also a spacer so if your tray isn’t full you use the spacer to keep them from falling over.

So I want to share with you the Ribbon Roll Control in action. Here’s a picture of the plastic boxes I used to keep my ribbon in, I’m slightly embarrassed to say I didn’t mess up the ribbon before hand, I just took off the lids and snapped a pic.

 The trays were really quick and easy to put together, they come with an easy to follow instruction sheet and I put them together in a matter of minutes and now….Ta Da! Under control and so neat and pretty, huh? For more information on the Ribbon Roll Control visit their website. And check back next week , we might just be giving away a set!!



  1. says

    I own these and LOVE them! Because they are crystal clear acrylic, they just look so classy on my shelf and all you see is the gorgeous ribbon. I can take the ribbon out so easily or just cut from the holder, the ribbon just rolls out perfectly! Definately an A+ product.

  2. Emily Turner says

    I agree with Linda. This is a great product that solves a problem and looks great too.

  3. Connie Hobbs says

    I have 6 of these ribbon holders and I love them!! They only take a very small footprint on my shelf but they hold a lot of ribbon. Great product!

  4. says

    Thanks ladies for leaving such great reviews. We are so happy you are enjoying them! Power to you for having your rolls under control!

    Trish N

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