Product Review: Crafting Mama Game

Well, this is certainly a different type of review for me on Craft Gossip. I recently had the chance to play a new crafting video game coming out soon. Yes, you read that right, a video game! From the creators of Cooking Mama comes a new game for the Nintendo DS called Crafting Mama. And yes, I do actually own my own DS and love to play games on it. It’s the perfect thing to take on long car trips or while waiting in the doctors office. 

The Crafting Mama DS game is full of projects and mini games with a crafting theme. I think it’s a perfect game for kids, especially ones who already enjoy crafting. I know a lot of you crafting mom’s out there have kids who always want to play with your craft supplies, if that’s your child then they will love this game! But as an adult I enjoyed it a lot too, the games are fun and have some challenge to them but are not too difficult or time consuming. Choose the project you want to make and using your stylus go through each step and in the end you’ve got your completed project. There is also a practice level for each step so if there’s a part you want to perfect you can try it again without going through all the steps. After each craft is completed a new craft or crafting mini game is added. In the end there are 40 different crafts to complete. And since most projects allow you to pick your materials each one is different or unique each time you make it. Projects include jewelry making, working with clay, paper crafts, flower decorations, toys, sewing and lots more. 

The best part is after you’ve finished your project you can play mini games with it, like keeping your paper air plane afloat, squirting targets with your water gun or tossing flower garlands to friends. You can even dress Mama with the accessories you’ve made, she’ll wear the sweet kitty head band you made or the pretty beaded earrings, that’s a really cute addition to the game. Another fun feature is the ability to have a crafting party with a friend who also has a Nintendo DS.

 As a stamper, I have to mention my favorite part was making my own custom stamp. You carve your own simple design and when you play the stamping mini game it stamps out the image you carved, that was neat!

 Want to learn more about Crafting Mama, click here to check out her Facebook page. And be on the look out for this fun game to hit store shelves on October 26th and go craft with Mama!!



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    Ah, I just love it when some of my favorite things cross over into the others medium. Video games and crafting– how fun!! I may even have to let my grandma try it on her DS if I get a copy. Thank you for sharing :)


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