Giveaway: KennyK Downloads Digital Stamps

Guess what!? We are having a HUGE giveaway from KennyK Downloads!! You could win your Fab Five Faves!

Here’s what you need to do to enter: Visit the KennyK  shop and join their mailing list (link is on the left on their site) and then pick your 5 favorite KennyK digis  and  leave a comment on this post listing by name and specify which collection they’re from. Then I’ll randomly draw 5 winners (wow!) and your prize will be those 5 digis you picked! Awesome, huh!?

Contest runs from now until June 10th. Good luck!



  1. says

    WOW…it’s so hard to pick. I love this style of digi..After looking through them i thinks these would round out my collection very nicele..
    Oh no you didn’t
    hot doctor
    girl batter…
    Love love love Kenny’s digis..thanks for the chance to win..

  2. says

    Wow what a FABULOUS prize!!
    My faves would be…
    1. Craft Star (The Glam Gang)
    2. Freshman (The Glam Gang)
    3. Farmer’s Daughter (The Glam Gang)
    4. Jasmine (The Glam Gang)
    5. Naughty Nurse (Work Force)
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Hugs, Shannah xox

  3. says

    oh it is hard to chose the top 5 digis but my favorites are:
    Glam Gang – Jet Setter
    Glam Gang – Troublemaker
    Gothic Angels -Vikki Lee Vicious
    Gothic Angels – Kitty Katastrophe
    Holiday/Seasonal – Mistletoe

  4. Mary J says

    I choose all from the Glam Gang
    1. Sweet Melissa
    2. Oh no you didn’t
    3. Hot Weave
    4. Bling Baby
    5. Movie Star
    Thank you for the chance to win

  5. Kathy Stacy says

    Thanks for the opportunity – I joined the e-mail list and my five are:

    Glam Girl – Cabaret
    Glam Girl – Miss Thang
    Glam Girl – Brooklyn babe
    Krash Kittens – Carmen electrifying
    Gothic Angelz – Kitty Katastrophe

  6. says

    I just joined the mailing list!

    Here are my five!
    Supermom – Retro
    Oh No You Didn’t: Glam Gang
    Craft Star: Glam Gang
    Brianna Blaster: Steampunk Burlesque
    Chef: Work Force

    Thanks for the chance to win some fab stamps!

    Kathi R

  7. MargieJ says

    KennyK’s website has to be one of the best!!! Wow!! what a chance, thankyou!!!!!!

    My fab five are….

    Troublemaker – Glam Gang
    Rock Chick – Glam Gang
    Da Bomb – Glam Gang
    Xmas Tree – Holiday/Seasonal
    Xmas Shopping – Holiday/Seasonal

  8. Lori says

    These are fantastic! I had a hard time narrowing it down to five but, here are my five favorites: Girl Fish, Fish, Uptown Angel, Download Diva, and, Miss Fortune. Sure hope you pick me!

  9. Tracy Steinbach says

    1. Diesel Dawg
    2. Drama Queen
    3. Dr. Phil Me-in
    4. Color Me Janette
    5. Farmer’s Daughter

    These are my five favor images but I really love so many it is very hard to limit to just 5. Thank You for a chance to win

  10. says

    Kenny K rocks and for a chance to win his images is awesome! Thanks for the chance. If I win then here is the ones I would love to have.
    Atlantea Steampunk Burlesque
    Helga Frost Steampunk Burlesque
    Lady Victoria Steampunk Burlesque
    Wanda Wicked Gothik angels
    Kitty Katastrophe Gothik angels

  11. says

    Wow, love this give away!

    My fab five are…

    All starz – Anime Soccer
    Dude stuff – Cool Trucker
    Glam gang – Club Kid
    Kid nation – Teen Idol
    Kid nation – victory kid

  12. says

    I love the Kenny K digis. Out of the ones that I haven’t already bought, my favourites are:
    Sweet Melissa
    Bicycle Boy
    J Cool
    Bling Baby

    Fingers Crossed !!

    Leona x

  13. sarahsk says

    KennyK is one of my favourite websites for purchasing digi stamps. It took a while to pick just five favs but here they are:
    Lady Victoria – Steampunk
    Movie Star – Glam Gang
    Toy Soldier – Holiday/seasonal
    Kitty Katastrophe – Gothik Angelz
    Club Kid – Glam Gang

  14. says

    Would love to win! Here are my choices:
    From Glam Gang: Spy Chick, Trouble Maker and Oh No you Didn’t!
    From Steampunk Burlesque: Brianna Blaster
    From Dude Stuff: Maximum Mud


  15. Rikke J says

    My fab five:
    Cheyenne – krash kittenz
    Carmen electrafying – krash kittenz
    Harley ryder – krash kittenz
    Scarlett West – steampunk burlesque
    Helga frost – steampunk burlesque
    Thanks for the chance

  16. says

    Wow…what a great idea and Give away! =)
    Here are my five:
    Glam gang – Uptown Angel
    Glam gang – Farmers’s daughter
    Gothik Angelz – Miss Fortune
    Krash Kittenz – Carmen Electraying
    Steampunk – Jane Jettpack

    Have a nice day!

  17. Bente Hein says

    Really hard to choose – I love them all

    At the moment my favorites are:
    Madison Attitude – GLAM GANG
    Farmer’s Daughter – GLAM GANG
    Queens Cutie – GLAM GANG
    Mad Skillz – GLAM GANG
    Kitty Katastrophe – GOTHIK ANGELZ

  18. vigdis says

    Great giveaway!
    I like a lot of these stamps, but my 5 favorites are:
    Ryder Cole, from K-Town Crew
    Allura Von D, from Gothik Angelz
    Carmen Electrafying, from Krash Kittenz
    Handyman, from Work Force
    Jasmine, from The Glamgang Collection

  19. Terri Pernosky says

    My favs are
    Movie Star, Oh No You Didnt,Club Kid,Farmers Daughter Glam Gang,and Dude Stuff,
    Thank you for this contest give-a-way Kenny -G and Craft Gossip

  20. says

    Great giveaway!
    It’s so hard to choose.
    Love all Kenny K images but my favorite 5 are:

    Jet Setter – Glam Gang
    Toublemaker – Glam Gang
    Rock Chick – Glam Gang
    Harley Ryder – Krash Kittenz
    Happy Couple – Weddings

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  21. says

    This is an awesome giveaway!! It would be really wonderful if I was picked as one of the winners.

    My five favorite images are:
    Summer Fun Mini Set – Fourth of July
    Critterz – Hot Diggity
    All Starz – Hockey
    All Starz – Hockey Girl
    Qoek Force – Home Improvement

    Thanks A Bunch!!

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