Giveaway: Inkadinkado Clear Set

image by Heather Holbrook

image by Heather Holbrook

What do you say, lets have a giveaway!! I’ve got a beautiful clear stamp set from Inkadinkado called Flower Garden I’d love to give away to one of you!

Let me say that I LOVE clear stamps! I’ve been stamping for a long time and I feel like clear stamps have really changed the way I stamp, I love to be able to see exactly where I’m stamping and I’ve accumulated *alot* of stamps over the years so storage is a big issue for me and clear stamps take up so much less space than wood mounted stamps.

So now I’d like to hear your thoughts about clear stamps, do you love them?  hate them? never tried them, do you have a tip for using or cleaning clear stamps? Leave a comment about clear stamps here on this post, you’ve got from now until Sunday Aug. 9th at midnight EST, please one comment per person. I’ll randomly draw a winner for the stamp set and announce the winner on Monday Aug 10th. If you win I’ll contact you via e-mail to get your mailing address.

PS- If you’ve never posted a comment here it will have to be approved before it shows up, so if you don’t see it right away don’t worry it will be approved and you’ll be entered in the drawing.

Good luck!!




  1. nitabug says

    I love Inkadinkado has some of my most loved stamps. Clear stamps are great to use and so easy to store. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Mimi says

    I have never used clear stamps before but it seems that they are very popular judging by the comments. Something to put on my Shopping List when we go to the city!

  3. Stephanie Hill says

    I haven’t used clear stamps before, but I am definitely hearing the siren song! My goal this year is to make all my Christmas cards by hand, and a great number of my gifts as well.

  4. Sheila D says

    I love clear stamps…for the obvious reasons of storage and placement. At first I didn’t really like how the images turned out but then I started using Versafine ink and it made a big difference in the sharpness of the image. I love them now. That’s all I buy.

  5. sandyh50 says

    I love clear stamps because I can see where I am stamping and they don’t take up so much room for storage! Right now I want to take off the wood on all my rubber stamps too. I love the Inkadinkado set!

    sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

  6. Beth says

    I am new to the world of stamping. I have about 20 woodbacked stamps. My only problem is I never seem to be able to get the stamp placed where I want it. I think the clear stamps would be a great solution to my problem with stamping.

  7. Debbie Coe says

    I love clear stamps. And did you know you can just add a drop of soap and rub them around under water and whaaa lahhhh…they’re clean!

  8. Colleen says

    I love clear stamps. It makes so much sense to be able to see where you are placing the image!

  9. says

    I do not have much experience with stamping yet. I have just started to buy some of my favorites stamps. I’m wanting to create some altered art collage trading cards to give away with each purchase from my shop. I have lots of wonderful ideas, but I’m still lacking in supplies.

  10. Bianca says

    i never used the clear stamps but it seems like a`n interesting and practic idea. Cool, i would love to strat stamping with them 😛

  11. says

    I love clear stamps. They take up much less room to store, they are easier to clean and you can actually see where the image is going. They are especially awesome for words. Unless the stamp is really awesome or a real good deal, I always buy clear stamps over wood mount now.

  12. kathy s says

    I love my clear stamps, I don’t have many but the ones I do have I store in empty CD and DVD covers so I can have them in one central place just to grab and use when I want them- love this set don’t have any Inkadinkado stamps yet but would love some – their collection is fantastic – thanks for the chance to win

  13. ellama1 says

    I WON! Thank you Heather and to everyone who gave their opinions – they were interesting to read!

  14. Elsa says

    I love clear stamps. They are so easy to place especially if you use a shadow stamp. With the wood mount I could never get mine centered right. I messed up so much cardstock. I pulled all my rubber stamps off the wood and put them in thematic DVD holders. I have so much more space now.

  15. Tilly Adams says

    your stamps would be a WELCOME addition to my stamping group. At first I thought I needed to join a support group for all my crazy crafting projects. Then I realized that crafting is THERAPY!! So I formed a group of Army wives that get together and craft. Your site is one of our favorites.
    PICK ME!!

  16. Dennis says

    I love clear stamps I have some wood mounted stamps but I forget that I have them. Clear stamps are so much easier to work with when you need to have an image next to another like my fence stamp I can make the f as long as I need. I like the Halloween stamps I have some but none like yours so they would go with my others.

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