10 make your own stamp tutorials

10 make your own stamp tutorials


My favorite thing about stamping is the way virtually any found object can be used to create a stamp and add interesting textures.  Household items like wine corks and yarn are classics, but there may be some items you haven’t considered yet for stamping.  Plastecine clay can be rolled and molded to any shape, making it extremely versatile, or you can transfer any drawing to linoleum and carve your stamp with a few simple tools.  If you’re looking for something a little less handmade, you can have your computer give you a hand for a professional look.  Here are ten make-your-own stamp tutorials to meet all your stamping needs.




DIY: Cork Stamps – Sweet Spot Cards



diy yarn stamp 02

DIY stamps part 1: Pencils and Yarn – The Lab on the Roof






Make Pro-Rubber Stamps – Instructables






Plasticine stamp printing – Filth Wizardry




Create Your Very Own DIY Stamp! – Happiness is… Creating







How To Make A Herringbone Stamp – A Beautiful Mess





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